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Professor Wang Mao Bin Special Medical Consultant

Dr. Wang Mao Bin, Chief Physician, Professor, Ph.D. Candidate supervisor´╝?br> Vice-chairman of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, Chairman of Rehabilitation Physician Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Chairman of Beijing Rehabilitation Medical Association, Director of Neural Rehabilitation Center of Xuanwu Hospital,well-known neurological rehabilitation experts in China.

Dr. Wang Mao Bin is one among the first to perform the clinical rehabilitation medicine, teaching and research work on stroke,traumatic brain injury and acute myocardial Infarction and he is also founders of Xuanwu Hospital Neurological rehabilitation Center of the Capital University of Medical Sciences,which is also the first organization to provide early-stage clinical rehabilitation treatment for patients of serious neurological and neurosurgical diseases. Dr. Wang Mao Bin had years' studying and working experience in Australia and he enjoys an international reputation in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

Dr. Wang Mao Bin now serves at Beijing Intech Rehabilitation Hospital as special medical consultant.

Rehabilitation Star of Intech Rehab

After total hip joint replacement, rehabilitation training

Mrs. Wang had been upset by osteoarthritis for years which severely affected her life quality before her total hip joint replacement surgery in September 2008. The surgery was a big success. Ms. Wang also got to know better that systematic rehabilitation training took an essential role in preserving the prospect the successful surgery brought her than before. Therefore, Mrs. Wang came to our hospital for one-on-one rehabilitation training course to help her regain her walking and self-management ability. Let's see how much improvement she has achieved in such a short time period

Age: 63

Diagnosis: after total hip joint replacement

Admission date: Oct. 9,2008

Symptoms on admission
Improvement on discharge
Limited right hip joint mobility, pain, obvious edema of right lower limb; Almost normal hip joint mobility, pain and edema gone.
Had to lay in bed, could not sit by herself, could not walk; Balance restored, can walk unsupported up to 500 meters.
Poor self-management in daily life, could not take off shoes and clothes, could not go bathroom by herself; Total daily life self-management, can put on and take off shoes, socks and clothes independently, can go bathroom on her own.


Tips: treatment program:

1.Physical Therapy(PT)
2.Gait for partial weight bearing´╝?to lose 10%-15% of body weight and restore her walking ability.
3.Balance master training´╝?to evaluate and analyze the balance of her lower limbs and in sitting position

Sudden occurrence of illness is not fearful no matter it happens in young, middle or elderly age. Scientific treatment and strong willingness are essential in fighting back the illness. On the road of rehabilitation, the healing hands of Intech are always here for you.

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